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Feel free to add your question by using the form below, and as soon as it is approved by a moderator and we find an answer, it will be posted here.

Why does my file not work?
Are you sure it is supported by KMP Player? Try checking the features page and see if this media type is mentioned. If it is supported, check if you have all the codecs correctly. If it is not supported, then unfortunately there is no way to make it work currently.

My player behaves strangely
The first step would be to try and reset the KMP Player preferences in the preferences menu and then restart KMP Player. If the player does not restart, delete the config file, then restart KMP Player.

My player crashes
If you are sure that it is indeed a bug, please report it via the the "contact us" page.

Can I use KMP Media Player free of charge?
Yes, it is freeware.

Which operating systems are supported?
All Windows operating systems newer than Windows 2000 are supported (with Windows 2000 also being supported): Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

I am a Linux user, can I use and install KMP Media Player?
At this point, you cannot.

What if I’m a MacOS user?
At the moment of writing, KMP Media Player is available exclusively as a Windows application.

Will KMP Media Player run on my computer?
If your computer is powerful enough to support a Windows 2000 or more recent versions then yes, KMP Media Player should run on your computer with no issues whatsoever.

Can I watch movies as well?
Yes, the most commonly used video formats are all supported and you can even watch videos or listen to music online online.

Can I install KMP Media Player on my laptop or netbook?
Yes, you can install KMP Media Player on any system that supports a Windows operating system.

Should I close other applications when listening to music or viewing videos through KMP Media Player?
It all depends on how much your computer can handle. If you are running KMP Media Player on a fairly new machine, it probably won’t be necessary because this application is definitely not resource intensive. However, you might experience issues on older system and if this happens, we’d recommend keeping the number of active applications to a bare minimum. Try to close all of the applications which are not vital to the tasks you are using KMP Media Player for if necessary and you can simply open them again once KMP Media Player is closed.

Is KMP Media Player the best video and audio media player on the market?
There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution these days because due to the fact that there’s a lot of competition involved, companies have approached the market with products which cater to the specific needs of pretty much each and every demographic.

Which type of user is the KMP Media Player best suited for?
If you are a computer user who hates bulky/cluttered interfaces and are interested in a media player which gets the job done without putting too much of a burden on your system, KMP Media Player might just be the best possible solution for you.

Feel free to add your question by using this form, and as soon as it is approved by a moderator and we find an answer, it will be posted here.

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