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With MediaSPace Media Player from VideoBuzz you can easily play virtually any video format available. It can play any AAC, FLV, MP3 or MP4 file. In the latest version of MediaSPace Media Player, while keeping everything you are accustomed to, many creative new features and improvements were added.

MediaSPace Media Player Standard Features

Play Many Video Formats

Compatible with most popular video playback formats on the market: Plays any AAC, FLV, MP3 or MP4 file!

Listen to Audio in Any Format

Plays your favorite music in any of the following widespread formats: Plays any AAC, FLV, MP3 or MP4 file!

Instant access to the hottest videos

Watch TV Shows, Movie Trailers, Music Videos, and more! You can search the web for songs and videos simply by typing your favorite artist's name or song name in the search box in the player itself.

Really Simple Interface

MediaSpace Player features a really simple interface with very few menus. However, it has all the necessary functions to enjoy multimedia files. The controls are very intuitive and fast, and only take a few seconds to get familiar with.

Custom personalization

Make your Player personalized by adding custom skins, or creating your own.

Would you like to know what is the current situation in the media player market? You can see some latest trends and statistics for the market share and rate of user base growing directly below:

Media player Statistics

  • Num.2 Player on Video-Buzz*
  • 4/5 Rating

Top 3 Video Players on CNet*:
  • VLC Player
  • GOM Media Player
  • Real Player

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