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As a consumer, youíre in a great position on the Internet nowadays. More and more companies want your attention and are competing for it accordingly. The media player market is quite crowded and for you as an Internet user, thatís great news because it means that more and more companies are aiming for excellence.

Itís easy to understand that MediaSPace a major player (no pun intended) if you take the fact that there have been well over 1.2 million users on just one website (MediaSPace Media Player is the number two player on Video-Buzz at this point). Thereís no such thing as the best media player, itís all a matter of finding out what the best product for your specific needs is.

Would you like to find out who the main competitors of MediaSPace Media Player are? Well, if we were to analyze the data CNet puts at our disposal, the three main competitors of this product are VLC Media Player, Real Player and GOM Media Player. If we take data from another source, letís say, we have the following 6 websites as the main competitors of MediaSPace Media Player (two of them can also be found on the previously mentioned list, the CNet one): VLC Media Player, GOM Player, KMPlayer, Media Player Home Classic Cinema, SMPlayer and Zoom Player Professional.

Each competitor comes with its very own pros and cons. We pretty much have a product for each and every popular demographic. For example, Internet savvy users probably prefer VLC Media Player for its customizability and the list could go on and on. MediaSPace Media Player has an obvious audience: people who want a lightweight player which gets the job done without taking its toll on their system.

Aside from the websites mentioned on CNet and TechRadar, there are also a series of other contenders such as the established Windows Media Player, for example. Itís not long ago that people wouldnít have even considered the possibility of switching from ďindustry leadersĒ (at least as far as volume is concerned) such as Windows Media Player but things have changed and dynamic companies such as the one behind MediaSPace Media Player are giving Microsoft as well as other huge corporations a serious run for their money.

As a conclusion, MediaSPace Media Player illustrates just how effective the KISS (Keep It Short and Simple) concept can be. It does exactly what itís supposed to do and it doesnít matter if youíre a pro or someone who has just gotten in touch with technology and the Internet, one canít help but admire this product for its simplicity.

Would you like to know what is the current situation in the media player market? You can see some latest trends and statistics for the market share and rate of user base growing directly below:

Media player Statistics

  • Num.2 Player on Video-Buzz*
  • 4/5 Rating

Top 3 Video Players on CNet*:
  • VLC Player
  • GOM Media Player
  • Real Player

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