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The Internet is evolving and it should come as no surprise that thereís quite a bit of competition among media players! A few years ago, people used to think that simply using the media player your computer comes equipped with is the way to go but the Internet has evolved and even less than savvy users now realize that finding a media player for their specific needs is the name of the game.

Is there a one size fits all solution out there? No, it all depends on which features you respond better to as a consumer. MediaSPace Media Player is one of the most used video players out there. Thatís right, the software has been used more than one million times on just one website and if volume is any indicator of quality, then it seems you canít go wrong with MediaSPace Media Player.

If you have a Windows operating system (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista as well as Windows 7 are all supported) and Adobe Flash Player 9 installed, youíre good to go. Donít worry if your system is not exactly a force to be reckoned with, MediaSPace Media Player will work just fine on pretty much any decent machine. If your computer is good enough to support Windows XP or Windows 2000, then you probably have absolutely nothing to worry about.

As mentioned previously, the Internet is evolving and media players are no longer simply used for viewing video files or listening to audio files which are already present on your computer. Nowadays, you can even search for video clips and songs online, the media player will pretty much act as a browser with which youíre interacting with the Internet.

The AAC, FLV, MP3 or MP4 file formats are all supported, listening to audio files or watching TV shows/movies is literally a piece of cake these days. The company behind MediaSPace Media Player understood one simple concept: people hate cluttered interfaces. This media player has been designed based on the ďKeep It Short and SimpleĒ concept. It doesnít have a lot of useless menus, simplicity is what itís all about. After all, what would you prefer? A system hog or an application that runs smoothly and does exactly what it is supposed to do? If you chose the latter, then MediaSPace Media Player might just be the media player you have been looking for all along!

Would you like to know what is the current situation in the media player market? You can see some latest trends and statistics for the market share and rate of user base growing directly below:

Media player Statistics

  • Num.2 Player on Video-Buzz*
  • 4/5 Rating

Top 3 Video Players on CNet*:
  • VLC Player
  • GOM Media Player
  • Real Player

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