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Download BringMeSports Now


Live Sports

Follow live sports games on the famous Sports TV channels like ESPN™, NBC™, CBS™ etc.

Show Recaps

Watch recordings of your favorite shows with one click!

Sports News

Enjoy one-click access to the latest sports news right from your Web browser.

About BringMeSports™

Sports fans know: nothing is more exciting than following your favorite team on the field or court, getting the details of every thrilling play as it brings your team closer to victory. The BringMeSports™ toolbar puts the latest sports news, scores and play-by-play action right in your browser, enabling you to catch up on missed games or tune in for live ones with a click of the mouse. Unlike some digital sports widgets, the BringMeSports™ toolbar also has built-in web search to pull double-duty for all of your internet needs.

Six sports-themed selections on the toolbar give you the info you need on the teams you love. The Live Sports button will let you sneak peeks at a game in progress, while the Scores button boils the action down into at-a-glance numbers. If your gaming tastes run global, the toolbar will help you check international games, or keep it on home turf while you read up on sports headlines and boost your chances in the office fantasy draft. For the visual fan, the ability to watch live games or video highlights of spectacular game moments will never be further away than a browser window with the BringMeSports™ toolbar.

Getting this sensational sports fans’ tool is as easy as pressing the large button on our website, so what are you waiting for? Breaking news from ESPN™, scores in real time and all the info you’re looking for on star players can be at your fingertips. Compatible with both Internet Explorer™ and Firefox™, the BringMeSports™ toolbar is completely free, easy to use and faster to navigate than confusing cable sports packages on television. Don’t spend another moment wondering how your team did in last night’s playoffs – find out right now with the press of a button!  


Get gridiron games whenever you want, and keep up with every yard, rush and tackle as it’s covered by the major news outlets on the field. Tune in for every touchdown and get the lowdown as if you were right in the huddle.


Other sports information outlets strike out when it comes to delivering the scores, stats and matchup information that baseball fans crave. The BringMeSports™ toolbar puts you in contact with every home run for that in-the-bleachers feel.


Don’t be the only basketball fan that didn’t catch that amazing 3-pointer in yesterday’s game. Passes, fouls and player information is at your fingertips with the toolbar, ensuring that you don’t “miss the swish” because you couldn’t find a television.


You don’t have to freeze to get rink-side information from your favorite hockey games when the BringMeSports™ toolbar has it ready for you instantly. Follow the puck and the talented players chasing it to victory through scores, videos and live game broadcasts.


Fast, furious and free are the three words you’ll use to describe getting the 411 on your favorite soccer teams with the toolbar. Information on both domestic and international kickers can be easily pulled up with a click, making every goal worth cheering for.


Go birdie watching on your favorite duffers with golf information from the BringMeSports™ toolbar. Tournaments, charity events and invitationals are a hole-in-one with this easy to use sports information tool.


The game of tennis moves fast, but you won’t have to worry about catching up with the toolbar. With recaps on matches and replay videos to review calls, you’ll feel like you’re on the clay yourself with every hit.


Get your engines revving! The speed of the internet will send your favorite wheel jockeys to the BringMeSports™ toolbar to make a pit stop on your screen. Find the favorites for upcoming races, read up on past performances and watch the checkered flag fall live on your computer.

Benefits of using BringMeSports™

When you're ready to download a great new free tool you found online, nothing is more annoying than having to dig to find the download link. The BringMeSports™ toolbar, a great free resource for online sport lovers, understands that sometimes users just want to cut to the chase. Their website has the download link front and center, ensuring that anyone who wants one-click access to all the hottest and most trusted sport sites on the internet can do so as soon as they land at the site. With a single mouse button, the BringMeSports™ toolbar can be downloaded and ready to install in your browser - no waiting, no answering complicated surveys, no hoops to jump through.

Once the toolbar is installed, the user will have access to live sports channels, scores, etc. Built into the BringMeSports™ toolbar is a powerful search engine to help you find anything on the internet - not just sports! In addition, you'll get valuable links and software to fun and useful programs like games and weather, so you can express yourself anywhere you go online.

If you're looking for a fast, free download of a great sports resource, look no further than the BringMeSports™ toolbar and its user-friendly download portal. The site for the BringMeSports™ toolbar is easy to use, the toolbar comes with tons of free and useful resources for movies and basic web searches, and you'll never have to go hunting again to find out who won that game.

Why complement your Media Player with BringMeSports?

You love to watch movies, shows, and videos on your computer, but typing in web addresses every time you want to visit your favorite movie and streaming sites can be tiresome. A new solution is available to sport lovers everywhere that makes finding your favorite sport sites a snap: the BringMeSports™ toolbar. This fast, free download installs a compact toolbar in your favorite browser, putting all the most popular sport sites a mere mouse click away, and offering a powerful web search toolbar as well for all of your non-movie needs. Brought to you by the same company behind big names like Urban Spoon and, the BringMeSports™ toolbar is a fun and useful tool for any sport lover who indulges their hobby through the internet.

Even with the best media player installed, you'll still need a way to reach your favorite sport sites online. No problem! Additional buttons lead to popular free sites - a great source for popular sports - in order to play popular videos and all the hottest clips making news across the internet. There's even buttons to look through the latest recaps and the freshest sports news to hit the web so you can be on the forefront of the most talked-about events.

Once you've found your favorite movie or media player, be sure to install the BringMeSports™ toolbar to get the most out of it - after all, without quick access to great current media content, you'll just be staring at a blank screen, and what fun is that? Like a front row seat to the show, the BringMeSports™ toolbar will get you closer to your favorite sport games than you've ever been before.

Is BringMeSports™ Safe To Use?

Sometimes, interesting programs show up on the scene that would decidedly enhance the online experience - the difficulty is in knowing which ones are safe to use. BringMeSports™ is a program in this niche; the concept is that you'll receive a number of fun and expressive features for sports lovers. The question most interested would-be users are asking is about the nature of the program, once it's downloaded - is there spyware or adware, or is it exactly what it says it is: a fun little program to spice up your online interactions?

There are many trustworthy companies that will alert users to safety issues, and both the user-friendly review sites and the computer security databases show that BringMeSports™ is a safe site and program to use. In addition, the download page of the site states that they do not include adware or spyware in their programs - a statement that seems to be verified by Rip Off Report and McAfee's lack of negative notes or cautions on the site and program. Moreover, the company behind BringMeSports™ is Mindspark Interactive™, which is a large, reputable company.

If there is concern about BringMeSports™, having big name security sites like McAfee™ give it a nod should put fears to rest. Download this fun program and start enjoying it without worry - there will be no adware/no spyware bundled in with your download, and you can uninstall the program at any time if you decide you don't want or need it anymore.


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